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What's the full quantity of the costs shown above that happen to be direct expenditures with the Cosmetics Department?

To the closest total greenback, what should be the whole profits commissions in a profits quantity of 36,a hundred units? (Believe this gross sales quantity is in the appropriate assortment.)

Sharp utilizes work-get costing and applies producing overhead to Positions based upon direct labor expenses. Exactly what is the producing overapplied or underapplied to the calendar year?

Prepare journal entries to file the data above. Important your entries through the letters a by way of l.

The fee per equivalent device for supplies for the month in the 1st processing department is closest to:

To the closest whole greenback, what really should be the overall expense of working the helpline charges in a volume of 33,800 calls in a month? (Assume that this contact quantity is within the appropriate variety.)

Inside a course of action costing procedure, overhead might be underapplied or overapplied equally as in occupation-get costing.

To the closest whole cent, what should be the common home tax per unit at a gross sales quantity of forty,300 models? (Suppose that this revenue quantity is within the relevant assortment.)

The price of ending get the job done in process stock in the main processing Office in accordance with the firm’s cost process is closest to:

The “prices accounted for” portion of the cost reconciliation report incorporates the over here cost of beginning work in process stock and The prices extra to generation in the interval.

Callis Company is actually a wholesaler that sells one product or service. Administration has provided the subsequent cost knowledge for 2 amounts of regular revenue volume. The business sells the item for $141.sixty for each device.

The journal entry to report the allocation of any underapplied or overapplied producing overhead for April would include the following:

Identify the price of perform in course of action, concluded products, and cost of goods marketed Soon after allocation of your underapplied or overapplied overhead for that period.

Observe: Your responses could vary from These offered below because of rounding mistake. In all scenarios, choose the answer that's the closest to The solution you computed. To lessen rounding error, execute all computations to a minimum of a few decimal sites.

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